Rye Bourbon Honey Moss Shawl

Honey Moss took me about seven months to make, from ordering the yarn to finishing and blocking. I wanted it to be at least somewhat honey-colored due to the honeycomb cable stitches, so after doing a bunch of research I ordered five skeins (1,000 yards) of Tosh Vintage worsted in the delicious colorway Rye Bourbon. Since Madeline Tosh yarn is dyed to order, it took almost a month to arrive. It’s sometimes hard to judge yarn colors when ordering online, but in person it was just gorgeous, and exactly what I wanted. The pattern calls for 985-1,000 yards of yarn and I had just a bit left over, so that estimate was pretty accurate. This quantity of Tosh Vintage isn’t exactly cheap, but wow, the finished product is so worth it.

Honey Moss is another enjoyable pattern from the prolific designer Andrea Mowry. The shawl grows from a tiny point, beginning with honeycomb cables, which I’d never done before. The pattern encourages you to knit these without a cable needle, so I tried that, and it was easier than I expected. Yay for learning new skills! I was a little concerned about the holes that seemed inherent to the honeycomb, but — as with other cables — they evened out a lot after blocking and I don’t even notice them now.

Partway through knitting Honey Moss, I derailed myself by joining a sock knit-along, so I put this on pause for a few months while I attempted to improve my sock knitting. When I came back to this project, knitting with worsted weight yarn on US size 8-9 needles was such a welcome relief from tiny sock yarn and size 1 needles! When I got to the 13th repeat of the honeycomb cables and the third cake of yarn, though, it started to feel like the cable section was endless. When I finally made it to the lace section, I made much better progress.

Near the end of my first lace section repeat, I started the fourth ball of yarn, and a few weeks later I was done! The genius i-cord edge was fantastic for weaving in yarn ends. As always, blocking made a massive difference in the way the fabric drapes, and it really opened up the lace (which I think looks like dragon scales). Many thanks to my handsome knitwear model for helping me illustrate the difference.

I finished this shawl just in time to take on a road trip, and it was the perfect cozy friend in the car and in the hotel room. I would definitely knit this pattern again.

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